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We are looking for an experienced and professional first class nanny/governess for a family living in Istanbul. You will be responsible for two fun and outgoing little boys aged 3 & 7 years old. The 7 year old is currently attending full time school where the education is based very much on the American curriculum. However the parents plan to send him to school in the UK so ideally they are looking for someone who is knowledgeable in the British Curriculum. It is important that you are looking to work in a role which is routine and structured in regards to childcare

The family are looking for a “career” nanny/governess and it is essential that English is you first language. Proactive with good communication skills. You will be required to help the children with their education, oversee homework, arrange age appropriate activities, focus on learn through play, encourage the children to reach their full potential, teach manners, good behaviour and good social skills. You must be a good role model to the children.

The family have a fully staffed household so it is key you can work in a team environment.

It is important that you have worked in a similar role. Worked with children of the same age. Have a genuine love for working with children. Have an empathetic ear and a strong sense of fun whilst ensuring the children feel safe and secure.

You will be provided with your own bedroom and bathroom within the grounds but not in the main family house.

Salary £800-1200per week. Salary is dependent on your skills and experience along with your educational background

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