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We have a great new client who is looking for a professional and experienced nanny to care for her little boy who is 20 months old. You will be based in Dubai but the family travel on a regular basis and four months a year they will be in London. The family have two children. The second is 6 months old and has a maternity nurse who will be there for another 6 months and then a nanny will be employed for the youngest child.

Your role will be to provide full care for the 20 month old. Working 6 days a week 10 – 12 hours a day. It is essential that you are educationally focused and able to create a fun learning environment. Arranging fun and interesting activities, focusing on discipline, teaching manners and good social skills. It is important that you have a good understanding and knowledgeable in nutrition. Although you will not need to cook the mother would like you to put together a weekly meal plan for the cook to prepare. You will not be required to do any nursery duties as the family have additional staff. However, you will need to tidy up after yourself and keep the play area tidy and organised. You will be provided with your own bedroom and bathroom during the probationary period and once that is complete the family will look into getting separate accommodation for the right person. Salary is dependent on your education and experience. £800 – 1200 per week

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