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Notting Hill – Live In

We have a lovely family living in Notting Hill that require an experienced and professional nanny to care for two children aged 16 months and 6 years old. You will be required to work 5 days a week Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 7.30pm. 1 to 2 nights babysitting in the week. You will be covering all nursery duties, cooking for the children, school runs, organising play dates and activities and looking after the general wellbeing of the children. (a housekeeper is employed and works three days a week). The 6 year old attends full time school and has a very bubbly and curious personality. He attends a number of after school clubs and likes to play football and enjoys arts and crafts. The 16 month old little girl has just started to walk and the parents would like you to start taking her to baby groups. The ideal nanny will have lots of energy and enthusiasm and will have a genuine love for their role as a nanny. You will be expected to travel during the holidays. You will be provided with your own bedroom and bathroom with a little kitchenette. Very private and away from the rest of the household. You have your own separate entrance. Salary £450 – 500 npw

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