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We are looking for a professional and highly educated Governess who is also happy to carry out PA duties for 6 children ranging in age from 7 to 20 years old. The family are ideally looking for a New Zealand or Australian nanny but they are open for the right candidate. It would also be beneficial if you speak French so you can assist the younger children with primary level French. You will be required to work a 6 day week 12 hours a day. You will be provided with your own apartment. Salary is dependent on your skills, experience and education. £900 – 1500 per week. Please see below for additional information


CRB / DBS checked

Full clean driving licence

First Aid knowledge/ training/ certificate


Full medical review required

High level of Education (experience in a children’s educational setting)

French to assist with primary school French

Strong swimmer

No motion sickness

Comfortable dealing with children/ young adults of all age ranges from 7 to 20.


Responsibilities:  Include but not limited to:

  • Act as Governess / Personal Assistant to 6 children of varying ages. The older children’s duties / requirements & timetables will differ from the younger. Required to be flexible to a range of needs.
  • Liaise with the children’s’ tutors and educational staff to ensure the children’s progress is being fully tracked and work with tutors to identify children’s strengths and weaknesses and encourage them in the correct areas.
  • Help the children with their homework which will include languages (French, English and others as directed by the Principal), Mathematics and other staple subjects (and as directed by the Principal)
  • Ensure that the children’s timekeeping and timetables are all extremely organised, that they go to the correct subjects on time and that there extra-curricular activities and homework are well organised.
  • To make sure the children go to bed / wake up on time and that they have consistency and a good feeling of structure and security in their daily routine whilst being flexible.
  • Liaise with security staff/ drivers and other relevant staff members when necessary, for example, children travel arrangements, to ensure all their needs are being met.
  • When traveling with the children, you are required to travel with them and take care of their clothing, entertainment and organising their timetables etc. This will include some laundress duties and wardrobe organisation.
  • When traveling, to prepare in advance cultural and entertainment activities in the relevant cities and destination. To be resourceful and imaginative.
  • Ensure the children are dressed appropriately / help them prepare for different and some special occasions.
  • Be resourceful when keeping the children entertained, to be creative with games and entertainment.
  • To encourage outdoor play and physical sport activities.
  • To build on their baking and cooking skills,
  • To positively encourage creativity, to think outside the norm, feed imagination.
  • Be imaginative and creative. Take the children outdoors to play very regularly and take them swimming regularly. They enjoy doing art and cooking amongst other activities.
  • Travel may include staying on a boat for long periods of time which will require you to be strategic in keeping them creatively active / occupied and happy.
  • To ensure all stationary supplies as required by the children are checked, ordered, in good order.
  • Wardrobe management is required.
  • Ensure the children’s dietary requirements are catered for / being adhered to. This will require liaising with catering staff and if required to cook for them/ provide them with nutritional meals.
  • To be fully aware at all times of allergies or special requirements.


  • To be warm, open, emotive and caring towards the children.
  • There well-being is the ultimate priority at all times.
  • To be confident, calm and clear thinking under pressure (ex. In medical emergency situations)
  • To be imaginative, resourceful, playful and creative.
  • An interest in and knowledge of safely doing arts and crafts, painting and cooking / baking etc.
  • To be interested in and encourage sporty, active and outdoorsy pursuits.
  • To lead by example, be a good role model for the children, set firm boundaries but be kind at the same time. This includes encouraging a strong work ethic and placing importance upon education and their progress.
  • Be adaptable to different situations, places and scenarios.

Please email your cv to

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Telephone: +44 (0) 207 821 9911 - Out of hours: +44 (0) 779 228 9868
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