The role of the Maternity Nurse is one of support, guidance and care for both Mum and New Baby.

Maternity Nurses sometimes known as Maternity Nannies, Post Natal Carers or Baby Nurses are usually trained or experienced Nurses, Midwives or Nannies who specialise in Newborn Care. Some will specialise or have additional knowledge and expertise in particular areas such as Twins, Premature Births and C-sections, Special Care babies, Breast feeding, Routine and Sleep Training.

Tailored to the individual family a Maternity Nurse will provide invaluable guidance with General Baby care.  At Burlington Maternity each Maternity Nurse is registered, personally interviewed and references verified and updated before their CV is forwarded. They will have a current Paediatric First Aid Certificate and CRB check. For your own reassurance we recommend that you also speak to a selection of previous references personally.

The Role of the Maternity Nurse

The role of the Maternity Nurse is one of support, guidance and care for both Mum and New Baby.

A maternity nurse can be booked from between 1 – 12 weeks or longer if needed and will work a 5 or 6 day week and be on call 24 hrs (with a 2-4 hour break each day).

A Maternity nurse is self employed and will be paid directly on a weekly basis in the region of £800 -1000 per week for single baby (more for twins or multiples).

She is able to teach and guide a new Mum thus giving her confidence and reassurance with her first baby.

A Mum who has undergone a C-section or difficult birth will need more recovery time and everyday help (not being able to lift things or drive for 6 weeks).


Generally the Maternity Nurse will sleep in the Nursery or in a room close by with a baby monitor. The family will be responsible for all her meals.

Booking a Maternity Nurse

It is advisable to book as soon as possible to secure your preferred choice. Some are booked months in advance. Maternity Nurses will usually ask for a deposit of one week‘s salary to confirm the booking. As a guideline to start one week from the Due date.

For further information or assistance please speak to us directly

A new Mum who has very little or no family close will benefit enormously from the support of a Maternity Nurse whose duties will include:

  • To support the Mum with Breast Feeding and making sure baby is properly latched on
  • To assist with both Daytime and Night feeds for breast feeding, expressing or formula feeding
  • To settle the baby into a routine which fits in with the individual family requirements
  • To ensure Mum is getting enough rest and eating properly
  • To ensure good hygiene for both Mum and baby, any sterilising needed
  • To make sure Baby’s laundry, the Nursery and all equipment is kept clean and tidy and well stocked with essential items
  • To advise on setting up the Nursery for first time Mums and all necessary equipment
  • To involve siblings with the new addition to the family and making sure they don’t feel left out
  • To care and monitor New Mum and be aware of any signs or symptoms of infection or depression and when to advise on referral to the GP
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