Burlington Governess

Looking for a qualified Governess?

Recognised qualifications include:

  • QTS (Qualified Teacher status)
  • Teacher Training Certificate
  • PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education)
  • EYFS (Early Years Professional Status)
  • MA in Education
  • BA in Education
  • TEFL Certificate (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

British Bilingual Governesses and Nanny with English as their Mother tongue are in high demand especially for overseas families. A Governess is a Professional Teacher and Educator to the children within the family home. She usually has a degree in Education and a minimum of 5 years teaching experience and qualifications. They are responsible for the education, social development and cultural awareness of school age children within a private household.

It is possible to find a Governess who specialises or concentrates in a particular area such as language, music, sport and art depending on the individual families’ requirements and situation.

British Bilingual Governesses and Nanny

A Governess is able to supplement or complement the children’s education, where certain subjects are not covered at school or in need of extra tuition.

It might be that the family travel extensively and need to home-school their children or help bridge some gaps in their education.

With relocation to a different country, where languages and education levels might be different, employing a Governess can provide invaluable help to both parents and children.

Older children in need of tutoring with certain subjects to pass exams or entry into a certain school or college can benefit enormously from personalised tuition with an experienced Governess.

As part of her role a Bilingual Governess is often asked to teach a second language (Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Japanese …)

Governesses will work alongside a Nanny but are normally not expected to do any household duties.

Accommodation and Salary

A Governess will require her own bedroom and bathroom in the family home or separate accommodation with food and utilities paid by the client.  Depending on experience and hours salary ranges from £500 – £1200 per week net

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