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The ramblings of a Home Educator I’m Tammie mum to 2 girls, Erin 8yrs and Kiki 2.5 yrs my eldest has never attended school and hopefully never will but who knows. She did attend nursery for a time a Montessori nursery that set homework!!!!! And another (where I worked briefly) it wasn’t Montessori but the owner was Montessori trained and wow!! The resources were lovely a real inspiration my youngest won’t be attending nursery or school. I always knew I never wanted a conformist education for my eldest, right from when I was carrying her; I never really enjoyed school so why would I want to put my child through that. I researched all types of education from Montessori, Waldorf/Steiner, Reggio, Indigo Kids and anything and everything in-between. I came across Home Education and my decision was made, it seemed to be the most natural choice and so set upon a path of research and educated myself. Now when I say I didn’t enjoy school, I didn’t suffer. I did have a mild case of bullying but it was about not understanding things and being afraid to ask in case the teacher or my peers thought I was stupid; so I suffered in Maths as I just didn’t get it. English/Literacy I was fine, more than fine I was 5 years ahead of my peers but then what to with me?? So I coasted along in my own way doing my own thing. I wasn’t on banded reading schemes as I was too far ahead so was left to my own devices (still didn’t do that well in my GCSE’s) I could be a straight A student if I put my mind to it and the subject sparked my interest but often it didn’t and I didn’t. I left school thinking I was rubbish academically, however I dreamed of much bigger things and my determination got me doing most of what I set out to do which was to be a designer and work within the performing arts. As years went by and I changed careers and settled down and started a family it got me thinking again back to my experience at school and how it was all a bit of a deflation. I didn’t want that for my children, I want them to be ignited with a passion for learning but I also want them to learn when they are ready and not when the government thinks they are ready. Kids should be kids for as long as possible not forced into schools and taught to read at 4 with barely the comprehension to understand what they are reading….no wonder so many of our teenagers are leaving school unable to read and write. Forcing our children to learn at an increasingly younger age is not the way forward, now we are expected to have our Health Visitors monitoring our kids from 6 months, above and beyond the normal monitoring they already do….completely out of their remit and many of these HV have no children themselves and are basing their findings only on the tick boxes provided for them. Children are all different some learn faster in some areas than others ; we can’t have a one size fits all, it just doesn’t, wont, can’t work we will be setting our children up for failure before they have even got started. What will be next? Monitoring in vitro? ………………………………….tbc

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