Our Fees

Clear & Concise

We believe our fees are very competitive in today’s Market

The fees shown in the box are for temporary and permanent positions. Should you wish to trial a candidate before offering them a permanent contract there will be a fee for any trial that is more than three days,  For the UK it will be £250 per week and for Overseas £350 per week. Should an offer of employment be offered and accepted the full fee will then be charged deducting the fee for the trial period.

Please not that it is the sole responsibility of the client to obtain work permits, organise tax and national insurance contributions and medical cover if working overseas. We are happy to assist you in the employment contract.

Our fees made clear

  • London 14%
  • Rest of UK 12%
  • Overseas 20%

There is a £50 registration fee for overseas clients.

  • United Kingdom £30 per day. £110 for 5 days. £150 for 7 days
  • Overseas £40 per day. £150 for 5 days. £180 for 7 days
  • United Kingdom £100 per week
  • Overseas £120 per week
  • United Kingdom – 17%
  • Overseas – 25%

> Please read our Terms of Business for our refund policy.

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