About Us

How we work

We personally meet each and every candidate who wants to register with us

Each interview lasts a minimum of one hour. This time is spent discussing the candidate,s skills, qualifications and previous work experience. We also spend time finding out more about the candidates. Their personality, views on caring for children (i.e. discipline, nutrition, educational activities etc) and their plans for the future. We believe that qualifications and experience are important when placing a nanny but we also strongly believe in personality matching between the candidates and clients. Additionally to this we discuss reasons for gaps that may appear in their employment history.

Throughout the whole process we will keep in close contact with the client. We will only select and present candidates that we truly believe are suitable for your position. We match by the qualifications, experience and personality required. We will give a full description of the vacancy to the prospective candidates. Once they confirm they are interested we will only then forward their details to the client.

We will communicate between the candidate and the client to arrange the initial telephone interview before a face to face interview. Most interviews are held at the family home. However should overseas clients wish to interview in the UK we will happily make arrangements for interviews to be held at our offices or in a hotel lounge.

Once an offer of employment has been confirmed in writing we will assist in the organisation of contracts, nanny tax, travel arrangements and health insurance.

Why use Burlington Nannies?

  • We source the most exclusive placements

    We search for the top jobs so you don't have to. Burlington Nannies have a number of exclusive Clients throughout the world.
  • We have highly trained and recommended Nannies

    Searching for a specialist Nanny can be difficult however Burlington Nannies has a preferred selection of highly trained specialised Nannies on hand.
Burlington Nannies, 83 Victoria Street, London, SW1H 0HW United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0) 207 821 9911 - Out of hours: +44 (0) 779 228 9868
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